Saturday, November 19, 2011

How To Tether Your Android Phone without Needing the Market or Root

Apparently, Verizon and AT&T users can no longer find tethering apps in the Android Market (thanks to Google hiding them from those devices after being bugged by the carriers to remove them). So for those users, here’s how to still be able to tether without needing the Android Market.
1. Download the PDANet apk file and save it somewhere on your computer.
2. Transfer the .apk file to your device’s SD card or internal storage.
3. Download a file manager from the Market if you don’t already have on (Astro File Manager is a good, free option).
4. Install the apk by clicking on it in the file manager app.
5. Open the app and click on the tethering method of your choice (Bluetooth or USB).
6. Download the tethering desktop program to your computer from PDANet.
7. Run PDANet on your computer and follow the installation instructions.
8. Plug in your device via USB cable to your computer.
9. Done!


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