Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Released.!

Here it is, everybody: The first Grand Theft Auto V trailer in upto 720p HD video quality! Rejoice, freeform crime-spree buffs, or you know, gripe some more, "yay, shock-tacular" contrarians. And yep, we're headed back to San Andreas, the series' West Coast L.A. analogue. So what're you waiting for? Watch this game's trailer video already!
Looking good, though I'll wager that's the PC version we're seeing, all clean and distance-maxed and visually perfect. Feel free to prove me wrong anytime, of course, Rockstar.
GTA5 is likely to be released in 2012, with variants for PS3/Xbox 360 gamers besides on the PC. Watch out for more information on the GTA page of Rockstar Games.


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