Saturday, November 12, 2011

How To Message People on Google+

So you may have realized by now that there is no way to “write on someone’s wall” in Google+. They have to post something and then you can comment on it only. So what if you want to send a quick message to one of your friends? Here’s how.

I. Send a Private Message

1. Head to your Google+ homepage.
2. Type whatever you want to say in to the person in the stream update text box (as if you were posting a “status update”).
3. Instead of just hitting Share though, delete the Public icon underneath the text box (if it’s there), then click Add circles or people to share with and start typing in their name. Once they pop up select them.
4. Now hit share. This message will ONLY be visible to that person and any and all comments you both make back and forth will also only be visible to you both.
5. Keep in mind that you can also add other individuals to the message or even entire circles and only those people can see them and respond.


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