Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Android App of the Week: Opera Mobile

There are few topics as hotly contested among PC lovers as to which web browser is best. Internet Explorer had a leg up for many years due to its integration into the Windows OS, but Firefox has become a challenger, and Chrome is also putting up quite a fight. Opera has been in the browser game for years and commands a loyal, if somewhat small, following. The last several years have seen Opera gain success on mobile devices, offering an alternative browser on platforms that had none.
om one            om two
Opera Mobile for Android is now in version 11.5, and is one of the most mature alternative browsers for Android. Offering plug-in support and synchronization options for Opera Desktop users, Opera Mobile is a favorite for users that need a premium web browsing experience. The latest update to Opera Mobile allows you to monitor your data usage and savings when using Opera Turbo, Opera's proxy-based rendering engine. Opera Turbo provides you cost savings by rendering the web pages you browse on a server, and compressing the text and images, allowing you to use your allocated data more efficiently.
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Opera Mobile is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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