Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Is Windows 8 : Windows 8 Intro

What is Windows 8? 

Well for those who really don’t know :
Windows 8 is the Microsoft’s next child younger to windows 7. It is rumored to be the best & most advanced Operating System (OS) ever build. since the child has not taken birth but many leaks & rumors have made their home in the internet world.

What is New in Windows 8? 
Metro UI and Start Screen

Windows 8 will contain a new user interface called Metro UI. With the new change, the Start Menu was replaced in favor for the new Start Screen, where there are tiles that contains shortcuts to applications, Metro style applications, and updating tiles, simular Windows Phone.

Picture Password
A new authentication method allows users to sketch in three different places over the picture to login, instead of typing a password.

Ribbon interface in Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer now uses a ribbon interface, similar to those used in Microsoft Office applications.

Native USB 3.0 Support
Another feature expected to be introduced in Windows 8 is USB 3.0 support,

All-new file system
Windows 8 will support a new file system, currently known as Protogon.

Windows Store
Windows 8 will come with Windows Store, an online market place for buying, selling and advertising applications.

Windows To Go
Windows 8 can be run from a USB-connected drive, such as a flash drive. This feature is called Windows To Go.

Restore functions
The Developer Preview comes with two new recovery functions. Namely, Refresh and Reset, which both make a complete restore easier than a re-installation. The former keeps all settings & files of the user intact and only reverses all changes to Windows files to its original state and removes all installed programs and apps. The latter deletes all files and effectively re-installs Windows, but without any additional user input such as agreeing to license agreements or selecting a hard disk required. After a reset completes, the user will be asked for the product key and will then proceed to to account creation.

Windows Live ID integration
One big change is that user accounts do not have to be local-only anymore but can be linked up to one’s Windows Live ID. This has the advantage that users will not lose their settings and files as they move from their home computer to their work laptop or to any other computer also using Windows 8.

Hardware requirements
The system requirements for the Windows Developer Preview (a pre-release version of Windows are similar to those of Windows 7.

When Windows 8 Will Be Released ?
Microsoft has not yet announced a ship date for Windows 8, although some major media outlets speculate it might be available in late 2012. How ever you can download the Developer Edition of Windows 8.


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