Saturday, October 29, 2011

Android: Guide to Flashing Kernels and Recoveries without Booting into Recovery!

Yep! You just read it right! Booting into recovery for flashing every little thing can be quite a boredome. So a developer at XDA forums just developed an app to make things easier, a lot easier.
You can get the app 'Flash Image GUI' from the original Developers XDA site.
Download Here.
Lets start..
1. Download the app.

2. Put it on the root of your SD Card and install it.

3. Download your Favourite Kernel and put it on your SD Card.

4. Now open the app and select 'Kernel' from the three listed options.

5. If you are flashing a kernel then also tick 'Clean Cache' and 'Clean Dalvik Cache. If you are flashing recovery, then no need to clean cache and dalvik cache.

6. Now click on Flash!

7. If you flashed a kernel, the app will prompt you to reboot your phone. Select OK and reboot your phone. Dont skip this step as you will have an unstable device if you dont reboot.

Do comment if you have any issues.


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