Friday, October 28, 2011

How To Overclock your Android Device with SetCPU

Want to get better performance with your rooted Android device? Use a free application called SetCPU to overclock your device, boosting it’s performance and, in some cases, also extending it’s battery life.

I. Before you begin.

1. You must have a rooted Android device.
2. You must have previously installed a custom kernel on your phone.
3. To save from an potential headaches, I recommend doing a back up to easily revert to in case something goes wrong.

II. Installing SetCPU.

1. Open up the Android market application.
2. Search for “setcpu” (without quotations).
3. Select download, then select install.

III. Using SetCPU.

1. Open up the application.
2. Once open, select “Auto Detect Speeds”.
3. When asked to allow root access, select OK.
4. Select both the maximum and minimum speeds you would like to use (BE CAREFUL here, DO NOT go to high or too low as your phone may stop operating. Do not choose “set on boot” until you are comfortable with the set up). If it stops become responsive, pull the battery, go into recovery and do a system restore. 5. Once you get the satisfactory speeds, select when you would like the application to kick in (i.e…user space, performance or on demand).


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