Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Install a Custom Kernel on a Rooted Android Device (Kernel Manager Method)

Here’s another great benefit of having a rooted device; installing a custom kernel. One of the main benefits of adding a custom kernel is the ability to overclock your device.
I. Before you begin.
1. You MUST have a rooted device with a custom recovery.

2. You must back up your current settings and ROM through recovery (in case something gets messed up).

3. I always prefer doing these things manually (flashing a ROM or Kernel directly from recovery mode), but I do understand that this does make things easier for most, so i figured I would add this to my Blog.

II. Installing the custom kernel application.
1. Open up the Android market application.

2. Under search, search for kernel manager.

3. Download and install the application.

III. Using the application.
1. Open the Kernel Manager application.

2. Select Load kernels (it will automatically load available kernels for your specific device, if available) when prompted for root, select allow.

3. Select the kernel you would like to flash.

4. Press Download and Flash Kernel.


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